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Human trafficking occurs in nearly every country in the world, and every state in the U.S. It also happens in the Metro Detroit Area on an almost daily basis. This course provides a basic training on the issue, aiming to educate individuals including health care providers on how to spot it and what to do about it in their own communities.

This course will discuss the definition of human trafficking, its prevalence, and the places and industries in which it occurs, examine whom it affects, and the techniques used to force people into service and hold them there. The course will provide you with the tools to help fight human trafficking, including the red flags that may indicate a person has been trafficked, and what to do when a possible case is suspected.

Participants will be able to define human trafficking and recognize how victims may come into contact with healthcare professionals
Understanding the types, venues, and dynamics of human trafficking in the United States and Michigan.
Participants will be able to identify, and report known or suspected instances of human trafficking in the state of Michigan including:
-Describe the impacts of human trafficking in the United States and Michigan.
-Recognize risk factors, warning signs, and indicators of human trafficking that  may be observed in adults and minors in healthcare settings.

-List assessment tools that can be used to identify human trafficking victims
-Know when, where and how to report if human trafficking is suspected.
-Identify promising practices for assisting a patient who may be a potential trafficking victim 

Course Agenda:
Introduction: (5 Minutes)
Types of Human Trafficking (5 Minutes)
Top Venues (5 Minutes)
How to identify in various settings: (20 Minutes)
How to get involved (10 Minutes)
Resources to Report: National and Local (5 Minutes)
Review Q&A (5 Minutes)
Q&A (5 Minutes)

Course # 6 SEE ME… Identifying victims of human trafficking as it relates to the health care professional.
Presented by
Abbas S. AbdulMajeed, PT, DPT
( An experienced clinician and speaker)

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