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Course #2 Physical Therapy Management of Neck Pain and Headache

Presented by
Dr. Ramesh Malladi PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
(an experienced international speaker and clinician in Manual Therapy)

Neck Pain and Headache occurs commonly in all age groups and its prevalence increases with age. According to several studies, neck pain is estimated that 22 to 70% of the population will suffer with neck pain in their lives. (1). Headache and Neck pain is well known for frequent recurrence and easily turns out to be chronic with symptoms persisting for longer than 12 months.
Headache and neck pain can present as a straight forward musculo-skeletal problem or a most complicated problem where the source of symptoms is completely hidden. The goal of this course is to give the Therapist a good background information to understand the possible mechanisms behind the symptoms. During the course we will discuss at length the simple but a comprehensive evaluation to effectively determine the source and administer the treatment to the appropriate region.
All musculo-skeletal conditions are commonly complicated by Biopsychosocial issues which at times can cloud the evaluation and treatment. Use of appropriate orthopedic special tests and tools will help the therapist to choose a strategy that will be apt for the condition.
The course offers several lab sessions to facilitate practice of assessment, treatment techniques so that the therapist attending the course will be able to objectively measure the sensory motor functional loss and learn strategies to manage the Impairments.
The course will enhance the clinical decision-making skills of the therapists, improve your differential diagnosis skills and to design a treatment plan that is tailor-made to the need of individual patient. 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to

-Identify the key relationship between the head and neck
Describe the Basic anatomy and mechanics of the Cervico thoracic Complex.

-Understand and describe the complex nature of muscle activation for normal functional mobility.
-Importance of Evidence in physical therapy diagnosis and treatment of the Head and Neck complex.
-Perform a simple screen and identify the Biopsychosocial components and design a treatment strategy.
-Demonstrate good understanding of the Evidence based practice of assessment, treatment techniques of Cervico-thoracic complex and the headache.
-Initiate a cross referral to other providers and describe to the patient and provider the reasons for referral.

DAY ONE                           
7:30 AM        Registration
8:00 AM        Introduction to Principles of Management 8:30 AM        Anatomy and Mechanics of the CT and head complex
9:00 AM        Applied Anatomy with reference to Muscle Pattern Activation & Motor control
9:45 AM        Red Flag Assessment- Ruling out- Evidence based Clinical Reasoning
10:00 AM      Break
10:15 AM      Palpation Lab – Identify Landmarks, Mobility Testing, Neuro Screen
11:00 AM      Principles of Treatment – Bio-Psycho-Social model
11:45 AM      Evidence – Outcome Measurement Tools
12:00             Lunch (on your own)
1.00 PM        Lab – Orthopedic Special Tests
1:30 PM        Neck Pain and Headache – Sub-grouping and Classification
2:30 PM        Lab – Treatment – Manual Therapy Techniques
3:30 PM        Break
3:45 PM        Lab – Exercise Prescription
4:15 PM        Case Scenario – Assessment and Treatment Planning
5:00 PM        Discussion – Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making
5:30 PM        Adjourn
7:30 AM        Headache Classification
8:00 AM        Assessment
8:30 AM       Lab – Evaluation including tests and measurements
9:30 AM       Differential Diagnosis – TMJ – Basic assessment to rule out

10:00 AM     Break
10:15 AM      Lab – Treatment – including ManualTherapy and Technique demonstration 
11:30 AM      Case Scenario   

12:00             Lunch (on your own)

12:45 PM     Treatment – Exercise prescription
1:30 PM     Review - Summarize
2:30 PM     Adjourn

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